This is the last day that I marched with the black block, as an unmasked black block. This photo was taken down from my pages precisely because of the elections [her campaign for city council] because I could be punished and sued because the flag that I am holding is the Brazilian flag, and as a symbol of Brazil, it could not be spray painted, etc, so it’s a crime. In reality, this is a criminal photograph.
pain in the knee. I called my person of estimation and asked him to be my pillow. bodies also have utilities other than sex.
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This photo…there was OccupaMinc that first occupied the Palacio Capanema and then we accompanied the occupation to the Canecão and occupied together. From there, we all marched to Copacabana, because the Olympics were starting and everything, so the opening ceremony was happening, Temer was going to be there, so the group decided to do a “Temer Out” and the Capanema band left marching and we went with them, drinking, making a revolution, a puta Olympic revolution. And I took off all my clothes, and I was naked, with only a fanny pack on and the police said that they were going to arrest me for being naked, but I told them that I wasn’t naked since I was wearing a fanny pack and they didn’t arrest me….And then we took these pictures. I think that this picture is very important, with the trans flag covering the Olympic arches and us marching in protest, at Copacabana beach, during the Olympics opening ceremony. I think it’s cool, this photo is very very cool.