A ship to the future
Warriors of the night
Waiting for destiny
I keep waiting for you
This man’s best friend
Long live the Maracanã village
The coming and going of mobility
Accessibility only occurs during the Olympics
Boarding for the world
Sped up construction, quality diminished
#rio2016 – souvenir
Eat, weave and sell
The night surrounding prostitution
It brings conformity, it brings revolt
A song at the end of the afternoon
Rio for who? For the girls of the Casa Nem?
Thinking about a change
Targeted people and happy people
What time is it?
From the nostalgic Selarón
The Outeiro hills
Photo by Aline Macedo
prostitution as we see it
what you don't see
our view
virtual exhibition
the process
our narratives
[Sign: The Olympics bring more than just the Olympics]
Photo by Flavia Vianna